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Individual german instruction for foreigners (e.g. for English, American, French) at home, at the firm or in our training facilities in Hamburg/Germany.

German courses in Hamburg/Germany for being independent in a foreign country.

German lessons

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With us you learn more than only language

We do not view language as an isolated element, but rather as one constantly in the context of your very individual situation. For that reason, we see to it that you learn to deal with language as an instrument which you can apply in a well-directed fashion to the fulfillment of your individual needs.
For example:

  • Becoming acquainted with and understanding a foreign culture
  • Being independent in a foreign country
  • Experiencing professional advancement and recognition
  • Enjoying more intensive exchange with other individuals

In this way, you make contacts which can develop into long-lasting friendships and prevent possible isolation.

Our program encompasses

  • German-language acquisition for beginners and advanced learners
  • Individual instruction at home, at the company, in our training facilities or on excursions
  • Complete and individual care from the start: from flat-hunting to visits to the public authorities
  • Integration of family members
  • Regular, intercultural exchanges of experience through our own events.

Everyone is welcome

Whether you are a private individual, a foreigner in a German enterprise or an entrepreneur yourself interested in the swift integration of your foreign employees you are all welcome.